Julie Kirkland is the EXCEPTION to the rule!!

As most people are aware, conducting real estate transactions can be daunting and sometimes aggravating. I want to share my story to illustrate how Julie Kirkland is the EXCEPTION to the rule!! Last year I suffered the loss of my mother and was given the responsibility of managing her estate. From  the very first contact with Julie to the closing of the property; Julie has been consistent in her communications with me always handled herself in a professional manner. There were times over the past 10 months it took to sell the property that: • Julie has ‘time after time’ gone above and beyond to keep the sale on track. • I live out of state of the property; Julie coordinated with the occupants to get access to vendors and service people without protest. • She was very flexible on her commission. • She respected my wish to NOT lower the offer price; even when the home was on the market for months without interest. • She successfully negotiated with a VERY difficult prospective buyer (who ultimately purchased the property). • Julie’s resources were phenomenal; from the attorney she recommended to represent our interests, to the contractor servicing the property, to the actual mover who also went above and beyond to clear the property prior to the sale. If you want to hire a broker that CARES and is SINCERE in their commitment to see the deal (selling or buying) thorough all obstacles; then Julie is your BEST choice!!! In the near future, I may be in the market to purchase property in New York; Julie will be my FIRST CALL!!