Five star service!

Hiring Bella surprised us. We had to sell my late mother’s house and we were looking for someone with local expertise but Bella came recommended by my mother’s neighbor. Her office was in another neighborhood with very different housing and demographic characteristics but Bella quickly convinced me that she understood the market in this neighborhood. Everything she described turned out to be 100 percent correct. She understood the house, the community and the potential buyers and quickly brought in an interested buyer that took the house. Whereas the neighborhood was filled with for sale signs, some of which seemed to be gathering dust for months or longer, Bella moved the house quickly without sacrificing price. Bella stays with the project ensuring that any issues get smoothed out promptly and that the sale proceeds to completion in a reasonable time frame. I was so impressed by Bella that we used her to list a rental apartment in our own two-family home in yet another neighborhood where, once again, Bella did an outstanding job getting us a great tenant at a great price.